Official Trailer

Welcome to the official trailer of Family Matters, a new podcast with Dr. Gwenn, pediatrician, family mediator and mom. Family Matters explores the heart of family life, the good stuff, the stressful stuff and everything in between. Join Dr. Gwenn for new episodes on all the issues we face in our families.

Show 19: Bullies In Your Back Yard 3: An Ounce of Prevention by Becoming Great Digital Citizens

Bullying is on the rise and putting all our kids at risk, on and off line. Tune in to this week's show, the thrid of this important series, as I welcome Stephen Balkam, CEO of the Family Online Safety Institute to help us understand the importance of digital citizenship in the online world as a buffer for challenging events such as bullying and as a necessity for being part of today's society in general.

Coming Soon: Family Matters launch

After a longer than expected podcast break, stay tuned for new episodes on all things family from health to conflict issues we all face. Fourteen years ago, I launched A Dose of Dr. Gwenn, a podcast that covered topical issues families faced from child health to parenting to a new thing called social media. s After COVID-19, I started to realize life was much more complicated than health. The world seems more tense and we have many more screens...

Show 24: COPPA and Your Family

Do you know what COPPA means and how it applies to your family? Tune in this week to find out, and learn to use it to keep your kids safe and sound online.